Thank You God!  My life is afire and I am being born anew!!

I am claiming my new life as a TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH and that decision is transforming ME!

My family, my friends, my spiritual community are joining my big YES, and it is sooooo noticeable and appreciated that I am discovering a new depth of GRATITUDE I don’t think I have realized before.

This is yet another in the line of “God Qualities” which are demonstrating to me in new-found depths.  My deepened FAITH demonstrated a deepened GRACE which has allowed a TRUST unlike any I have felt.  I have held my WHAT, a dream of a new life, and my HOW has shown up.

So today, I am grateful for it all, the life which brought me here, the NOW moment that transforms me, and the wondrous journeys, people, and experiences yet to come. I am, right now, whole, complete, and perfect!  And so it is.